Monday, February 28, 2011

All Black Affair

This outfit has to be one of my absolute favorite outfits. This outfit was practically purchased maybe a few hours before the event. It worked out nicely and was by far one of the most comfortable outfits I have ever worn. My outfit was strictly fun and funky! I have to say the worst part about this outfit was the shoes because they hurt so bad. I planned on dancing the night away but I couldn't because my feet was hurting so badly; however the shoes are beautiful and amazing. From now on I will be wearing them strictly for formal special occasions only. So the moral of the story to this outfit is last min sometimes isn't so bad!
(Blazer & Jumper--Torrid; Shoes--Steve Madden--Jewelry--Forever 21)

Frantic Dreams: Franceta

I am very excited about the first interview for the Fat Girl Blog! This interview is about a fabulous girl who has incredible style. As bigger women we are often afraid to take risk; however the style Franceta displays is fearless, bold, chic and inspiring. Franceta knows fashion and she knows the right ways to switch her style up. I love how Franceta can show off a girly girl look and mix it with edgy fabrics and wonderful tones. Everyone who visits this blog be on the lookout for more interviews with fabulous fatshionistas such as Franceta. Enjoy!
Name: Franceta Johnson
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada. EH!

Favorite Places To Shop: "ONLINE! (Asos, Evans, H&M, Etsy, Ebay, Anywhere that fits.)"
Current Obsession: "Cropped Pants, Nude Tones, Sequins & Anything, I do mean ANYTHING, Chiffon."

Who are your style heroes/ fashion icons? "I'm pretty much going to give the "typical" answer for this, but its the honest one. The Olsens, Chloe Sevigny, Solange Knowles, American Idol Jennifer Lopez "not Jenny from the block" Jennifer Lopez, Emma Watson, Whitney Port and the list could really go on forever to be frank!"
Do you have anything in your closet that you could ever throw away? "Aside from EVERYTHING(I Love My Closet!) I have this pair of peached cropped trousers that I got from ASOS. Every time I put them on, I feel amazing and fashion forward. Oh, and my black sequins purse."
How Would You Describe Your Personal Style? "Sporadic. One day I'm in head-to-toe black, with my leather jacket & doc martins, and the next day I'm in a turquoise skirt with a red bag & pink lips...I've been told I have style PMS, I'm starting to believe it."

What Inspires Your Personal Style? "Nothing really inspires it, it just sorts of creates itself...I mean, I guess the better answer would be my City! Toronto inspires my personal style on a daily basis. I don't think people realize that Toronto is an extremely stylist city with a rather large fashion district. It's hard not to look like everyone else on the downtown strip here, so it motivates you to try new things and take risks, or else you fall into the mass produced crowd of H&M/ American Apparel hipsters."

Any Fashion Advice/Tips? "You can wear whatever the f*@k you'd like, period! No Ifs ands or buts. If you're fat, you can wear that crop top. If your tall, you can wear that mini skirt. If you like a item, make an outfit out of it, not really putting much thought into anything. At the end of the day, you need to be happy with what you're wearing, not happy with the reaction to what you're wearing."
For more with the Fabulous Franceta visit her blog Frantic Dreams

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring List

ASOS CURVE Jersey Puff Sleeve Zip Back Top
ASOS Curve Chiffon Kaftan Dress


Spring is slowly approaching and I am more and more excited about Spring 2011 Fashion. Clothing Companies such as Faith 21, Asos Curve, Old Navy etc always delivers when it comes to seasonal fashion. I picked a couple of looks from Asos Curve and Faith 21 that I plan on getting. I am keeping my eyes open to different fashion statements for the season.

Distressed Floral Deenim Shorts

Faith21 $19.80

Bonjour Stripped Top

Faith 21 $11.80

School Daze

This outfit is somewhat simple and boring; however I made it work. I had in mind what I wanted to wear and I knew that I wanted to go for the school teacher look with a twist. This outfit is very last minute but it worked well together. The blazer I brought at a vintage shop, which just added a more classic and simplicity to the outfit.
(Pumps---Zigi Soho, Skirt--New York & Co.---Blazer Vintage--Blouse--Vintage)