Saturday, March 19, 2011

Addi: The Curve & The Lines

I love seeing fresh new style in the world of fashion or "fatshion". I love Addi style because she is not afraid to take risk with playing off her curves. Addi describes her style as, "eclectic". "Sometimes it's kicks and jeans, sometimes on-of-a-kind vintage pieces and sometimes it's tailored suits and stand-out shoes and accessories". I would describes Addi's style as fearless and bold. I love her mixture of colors and fabrics. Here is a brief interview I did to find out more about Addi's style. Enjoy!
Age: 29

Location: Brooklyn

Favorite Places to Shop: ASOS, Forever21, Monif C., Gap Inc, Butter by Nadia, Anthropologie, Any vintage/thrift shop anywhere, Searle, Mom’s Closet (not a store, literally, my mom’s closet), Ebay. Etsy, Topshop, Zara

Current Obsession: "Long sheer skirts, high-waist wide-leg jeans, wedges and statement jewelry—particularly in abalone--for the summer."

Who are your style heroes/fashion icons? "I love watching the evolution of Solange Knowles’ style, Karla Deras from Karla’s Closet, Kelly from The Glamourai, Also, my mom. (She is actually one of the boldest and experimental dressers I know) and June Ambrose."

Do you have anything in your closet that you could never throw away? "My graduation gowns—I worked hard for every one of those polyester frocks! But honestly, I would never throw out my classic black Jimmy Choo pumps (they’ll never will go out of style), my classic black suit, or any of the vintage items my mother has given me. (Her collection of vintage clutches and scarves spans decades and continents; it’s insanity)."
How Would You Describe Your Personal Style? "I find it confining and disingenuous to define my style as just one thing. Let’s keep it 100: we are all ‘The Girl in Sweats’ on one day and ‘Ms. Pulled-Together’ the next. So, I’d describe my style as varied. Sometimes it’s vintage, sometimes it’s super-trendy, sometimes it’s tailored and classic. It shifts constantly and it should; as young women, we’re still trying to define ourselves."

What Inspires Your Personal Style?
"My personal style is defined by the world around me; it’s hard to pinpoint, But no matter what look I wear, I’m always thinking:
‘Is it interesting? Does it make me happy? Is it pulled-together but in some ways, unexpected?’ If I can answer these questions affirmatively (particularly that 2nd one) I’m doing well."

Any Fashion Advice/Tips?

1. Magazines and billboards can give you ideas, but they shouldn’t mandate your style. Just because they say it’s trendy, doesn’t mean you have to wear it.
2. Have a sense of what silhouettes work best for you and wear them from time to time. But, if you fall in love with something and it doesn’t fall onto that list; Wear it anyway; YOU define what works best on your body.
3. If you’re looking for inspiration, sometimes you’ll find all you need by people-watching; designers and stylists are not the only people doing awesome things with clothing!
4. Invest in quality pieces. When I was a younger (broke-r) fashionista, I used to buy lots of inexpensive pieces. Now, I buy less pieces but what I do take home is better quality.
5. Be bold in some of your fashion choices. If you encounter a truly interesting piece, Get it! If you truly love it, you’ll find away to make it work with what you have.
6. Invest in a few great foundation pieces. A good bra and shaper should be a key part of your wardrobe.
For More With Addi's Style Check Out her Blog: The Curve & The Line

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