Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Please Feed The Models"

I know these images maybe somewhat old but I still love the fact the model Crystal Renn had the courage to do this shoot. I know in the past years she has suffered from an eating disorder, and many see these photos as a controversial statement. In these images the food looks disgusting; however Crystal looks flawless in them. As a fat girl myself, I know sometimes society judges when fat people make bold statements, as seen in these pictures. As many girls, it took me a long time to be comfortable with myself (especially being bigger than most of my friends and the girls in my class). I still struggle with self image and the way I look. I know Crystal Renn is getting a lot of flack nowadays because she has lost a lot of her weight; however I still look to Crystal Renn as inspiration because she is a beautiful person. When she was a plus size model she was not afraid to show her assets and she always worked with what she had. That's the main goal that I have learned, and that is "Work with what you have". In the past, I was always afraid to do that, but now I love my curves and I love my assets. I love the fact that the stores are embracing plus size fashion. I was ecstatic when my favorite stores ASOS and Forever21 launched plus size lines. It gives us as bigger women more confidence. So my message to plus size women and girls is "Work with what you have, and if you don't like it change it as you see-fit, not for someone else or society, but for yourself."

"Please Feed The Models"

Velvet d'Amour is also a MAJOR Inspiration.

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